1. Definitions

Make Reception Pty Ltd (A.C.N. 168 261 014) Trading as Deliver My Digital is hereinafter referred to as “Supplier”.

The customer of the Supplier invoice, is hereinafter referred to as “Customer”. Where one or more persons are named as the Customer, the expression will include each of them, jointly and severally.

Products including hardware, software, consumables and services supplied to the Customer whether the Goods are or are not under Licence, are hereinafter referred to as “Goods”.

2. Pricing

The price for the Goods will be that as set out in the Supplier price schedule prevailing at the time the Goods are delivered to the Customer.

Prices of Goods advised from time to time, are subject to change without notice.

3. Payment and Trading Terms

The Supplier may invoice the Customer for Goods supplied, and the Customer will pay each invoice within the terms granted by the Supplier. If payment is not so made, the Supplier will impose interest at 10.5% per annum calculated on daily balances.

Terms of payment are no later than 30 days from the end of the Calendar Month of Invoice.

Any and all costs and dispersments incurred by the Supplier in the course of recovering outstanding moneys from the

Customer are at the expense of the Customer.

Dishonoured cheques incur a $45 administration charge.

4. Risk & Warranties

Risk in the Goods passes to the Customer when the Goods leave the Supplier’s warehouse.

The Customer is liable for any and all freight and insurance charges.

All Goods supplied are supplied with the warranties implied by the Trade Practices Act and which cannot be excluded.

These warranties include the right to return the Goods within a reasonable time if they do not perform so that they may be rectified or a refund made (at the discretion of the Supplier). Subject to the foregoing, all warranties are excluded.

Warranties are non-transferable.

5. Retention of Title

Title to the Goods will not pass from the Supplier until all Goods supplied by the Supplier to the Customer are paid for by cleared funds without deduction or set-off.

In the event of the Customer reselling the Goods:

The Customer will store the Goods separately from other Goods.

Moneys received by the Customer for the Goods will be banked to a separate account and held in trust for the Supplier until paid to the Supplier.

The Customer will keep a record of all receipts of and withdrawal from the stock of Goods held by the Customer from time to time. The Supplier will be entitled to view such record at any time upon reasonable notice being given.

6. Liability

The Supplier shall not be liable to the Customer or to any other person whomsoever for any loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in conjunction with the Goods or any parts of the Goods.

7. Returns

The supplier complies with AU Refund legislation and in the advent of a major fault, the customer has the option of full replacement or full refund.

The Customer is to contact the Supplier to obtain a Return Authorisation Number prior to returning Goods for repair, replacement or credit. Goods will then be dealt with under the Supplier’s Returns Procedure.

This invoice is to be presented with warranty or credit claims.

Goods returned for credit are to be returned within 7 days of delivery and are to be accompanied with all documentation and software. Such Goods are to be in the original packaging in an undamaged state. The Goods are to be fit for resale.

Credit of the Goods will be at the sole discretion of the Supplier.

Costs incurred for the return of Goods are to be at the cost of the Customer.

Goods that have been tampered with are void of warranty and are not eligible for return.

Goods returned for repair or replacement are to be accompanied with all documentation and software. Such Goods are to be adequately packaged and protected so as not to cause any further damage. Goods returned without adequate packaging and protection will be immediately returned to the customer without processing. Such Goods must also be accompanied with detailed fault descriptions.

Goods returned without fault will incur a No Fault Found Fee which must be remitted to the Supplier prior to the collection of the Goods. The Supplier will, if the above requirements are met, credit the Customer with the value of the Goods at the date of the return of the Goods to the Supplier.

8. Provision of Credit

Provision, continued provision, cancellation and changes in provision of credit by the Supplier to the Customer from time to time shall be in the absolute discretion of the Supplier.

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